The best TV shows from 2017

None of these suggestions in LISTcavage are really the “best” of anything. This list changed the day I wrote it. I was set on having The Handmaid’s Tale in it. Then I realized it won an Emmy and the majority of America already knows about it. I left off Girls even though it had one of the best single episodes that is more culturally relevant now than ever (“American Bitch”). Critical favorites The Leftovers and The Americans were amazing, and deserve all of the recognition in the world. Hell, even Orphan Black, which I discovered too late just before its final season aired isn’t listed. But, I guess I did list them all in the end.Here are ten shows that I’ve been recommending. In alphabetical order. In tweet-ish length blurbs.

American Vandal (Netflix)

If you were consumed by true crime pods/shows at any point in your life, this will gladly fill your void. That’s what she said. It’s socially aware of our obsession to blow things out of proportion.

Catastrophe (Amazon)

It’s a gentle reminder to laugh even when life is (please don’t make the obvious pun) a catastrophe. (Damnit.) This season gets darker and darker with each episode and will leave you emotionally wrecked after the finale.

The Good Place (NBC)

We expect our true laugh out loud comedies to still pack emotional resonance. This afterlife comedy hits all of the highs right where you want them to. The twists and turns of the season one finale (sorry, spoiler?) makes sure there is no sophomore slump here.

Insecure (HBO)

Move over Girls, this chick is the baddest of them all. We love semi-autobiographical shows from comedians like Better Things which I’m mad I left off this list now and Issa Rae s-l-a-y-s SLAYS it.

Master of None (Netflix)

A lot of people were down on Aziz’s second season. But the “Thanksgiving” and “I Love You, New York” episodes made it clear he should focus on mini-films instead of trying to tie everything together with an unbelievable love plot.

Search Party (TBS)

A coworker asked me what a millennial thought and acted like. I told her to watch this show. Nothing captures the extreme and unfiltered version of myself as well as this show. Think Seinfeld if he grew up in the iPhone world.

Stranger Things 2 (Netflix)

The phenomenon continues. Papa Steve Harringon. Hottie Hopper. Will Byers equals the best actor on the show? Yes! The show is cute. I mean that in the best way possible.

Riverdale (The CW)

Get over yourselves. This show will never win a “serious” award. But it won the hearts of millions of teenagers and middle-aged housewives alive. It’s a quirky murder-mystery wrapped in a twisted version of Gossip Girl. Bughead forever.

RuPaul’s Drag Race (VH1)

Slay, ladies, slay. This show teaches more humanity than any scripted Emmy winner ever has. RuPaul is a goddess bestowed upon us with witty one-liners and more shade than a thousand palm trees.

Veep (HBO)

As long as JLD is on a TV show, I will love it. Even during a slightly down year, this farce is still loveable. It was rough comparing it to the shitshow that is our actual government, though.

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