50 favorite songs from 2017

I made a playlist on Spotify of my favorite songs from the year. I’ve listed the 50 below by artist (as alphabetized by Spotify). You can play the mix on shuffle or I threw it together in a nonsense way that sort of flows. Just enjoy it like the radio station and get surprised with what comes next though.


The best music (and podcasts) from 2017

This year has been sweet to my ears. My favorite musician Richard Edwards released his first official solo album. Then he released a stripped down LP of some newer and older songs. Now, Now released two songs after a five-year hiatus. Lorde, Alvvays, and Haim put out their highly anticipated sophomore efforts. Then there were albums that crushed my soul like Mount Eerie and Phoebe Bridgers albums. Selecting ten was difficult but I tried. I added five EPs to the mix as well. Because I wanted this to encapsulate all of my favorite aural candies, I threw in five podcasts. I could have suggested dozens, but am trying to control myself.


The best TV shows from 2017

None of these suggestions in LISTcavage are really the “best” of anything. This list changed the day I wrote it. I was set on having The Handmaid’s Tale in it. Then I realized it won an Emmy and the majority of America already knows about it. I left off Girls even though it had one of the best single episodes that is more culturally relevant now than ever (“American Bitch”). Critical favorites The Leftovers and The Americans were amazing, and deserve all of the recognition in the world. Hell, even Orphan Black, which I discovered too late just before its final season aired isn’t listed. But, I guess I did list them all in the end.


‘Nancy’ is required listening regardless of sexual orientation

Scene: lunch with some coworkers (all female).

— I have a friend that would be perfect for you.
— Awesome!
— Yeah, he’s amazing.
— Thanks but I’m not gay.
— Ohmygodsosorry.

This is one of the many occurrences of people mistaking me as gay. It’s not something that offends me even though people think it should(?). I am a white, straight, CIS male who only has sex with women who all look the same; maybe I should dive into why with my therapist. That’s beside the point.

The point is: I connect a lot with the LGBTQ community. Not just because people assume I’m gay. For numerous reasons. The official synopsis of my favorite podcast Nancy explains it best.