Predicting the ‘Survivor: Ghost Island’ finale

The finale is here for Survivor: Ghost Island. The season had so much potential despite fervent fans on the deep reaches of the internet hating the theme and being skeptical of a 20-person season.

We started off pretty much filled with action and memorable characters. Fanboy Jacob got 14 (FOURTEEN) confessionals in his only two episodes. Poor Sebastian is in the finale and probably doesn’t even have that. We had the epic Dom vs Chris Cold War that culminated exactly how we all assumed it would. We me the Heir to Ozzy, Malcolm, and Joe’s Golden Boy Throne: a short-haired 18-year-old “realtor” aka model Michael. Let’s just assume he is back for Season 38 or 39; whichever is a returner season.

Anyway, we are at the finale. I predicted that the finale would be Kellyn, Donathan, Sebastian, Laurel, Dom, and Wendell back at the merge. Switch Kellyn with Angela and I basically nailed it.

We limped to the bloated finale. Six people in one episode. Someone tell Jeff Probst this isn’t exciting. It’s annoying.

I have been participating in a Fantasy League with my coworkers. They range from newbies (Bianca is on her second season) to long time casuals (Denise has been in love with Ozzy since Cook Islands but couldn’t tell you who he lost to) to a dude who claims to have gotten to the semi-finals of casting for Marquesas. Then there is me: Reddit user, RHAP listener, and follower of a select few on Twitter and Instagram. I am not completely off the deep end, but I enjoy it.

I set this up to say that there is an interesting dichotomy of how we watch the show. Yet we all came to the same thought weeks ago: Dom or Wendell have to win. Last season, when we first did this fantasy league, people weren’t on the Ben train as long as I was. Bianca hated Chrissy (because of her face, I guess?) but thought she was winning. Denise had Devon penciled in.

This season had so much potential, but floundered. Hopefully next season’s [Redacted] vs [Redacted] theme results in better characters and gameplay, but production also takes its foot off of the twists and turns throttle.

Here is my fan fiction for how this finale will play out.

Sixth Place: Donathan

He’s been the “villain” against the alliance now that he tried to side with Kellyn and failed. Since Sebastian has that extra vote, and both Dom and Wendell have idols, you can safely assume Donathan has to go first. It’s a bummer because he was always a kid I was rooting for, but knew he couldn’t win. He was picked last in our fantasy league (20/20) by Bianca.

Fifth Place: Sebastian

Poor guy. I think he had a lot to offer, but he wasn’t a big enough character to be a fan favorite finale loser. Donathan has that on lock down. I predict that Angela wins an immunity here and the Golden Trio just decide to take out Sebastian instead of turning on each other. Pretty lackluster, which would explain his edit.

Fire-making Forth Place: Angela

Stay with me here. Laurel wins Final Immunity. She chooses Wendell because she finally comes to her senses and realized Dom will win, but also because of their weird Immunity Incident™. This solidifies a few things. If and when Dom wins this like Ben, he earns more respect from the Jury. Angela falls in an epic battle. Good on her Invisible Soul.


Laurel – 0 votes
Wendell – 3 votes
Dom – 7 votes

 Dom wins, but Wendell keeps it close. He’ll pick up a few votes. Maybe Sebastian, Jenna, and Libby. But that’s it. I had him winning for a long time, but now my heart and brain must fight and there you have it.

Dom winning is okay. It would have been better if Ben didn’t just win. Their archetypes are different, but also pretty similar.

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